Four Reasons to Get Your Car’s Windshield Repaired Today

Having a crack or chip in your car’s windshield may seem like a minor problem, but you need to have this taken care of as soon as possible. The following are four reasons this is true.

Safety reasons

The biggest issue with a cracked or chipped windshield is visual impairment. Of course, this is a bigger issue if the damage is on the driver’s side, but it can also be an issue if the damage is in your line of sight when you are looking to your right. One example is making a right turn on a green light and still needing to watch for pedestrians. A damaged windshield can be an even bigger problem at night when light passing through the damaged glass becomes distorted.


Because of the safety issue, there is the possibility of a traffic ticket, but the damage will need to be obstructing your vision while driving. Naturally, this will be a subjective judgment by a police officer, and the citation may only be a fix-it ticket. Even so, it is better to take care of the issue today.

Lower Cost

In some cases, you may not have to replace the windshield. There is a technique that has become commonplace for repairing windshields that uses a clear resin. This resin is applied to fill in the hole or crack, and when it dries, you can see through your windshield. This saves the cost of replacing the windshield. However, this repair technique has its limitations, and it can only be done on small chips and cracks. If you put off having the repair done to a small crack, the vibration from driving will likely make the crack worse over time, and this can lead to your having to have the entire windshield replaced.


There is no reason to wait until you have the time to take your car to a repair shop. There are companies that will come directly to your location to make repairs. Whether you are at work, at a parking lot, or are simply parked along the side of a road, a windshield service will come directly to your location and make the repairs. Car-windshield replacement has also become mobile, so you can have your new windshield installed wherever you may be. This service can be important in case your car is vandalized but remains mechanically sound. A mobile windshield service can install a new window so you can drive your car immediately.

Windshield repair is fast and convenient. If you’re not sure whether the glass can be repaired, you can have a technician look at the damage. Visit sites like to find a windshield-repair shop near you.

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3 Benefits of a Retractable Awning Versus a Fixed Awning for Your Deck

If you are looking for a good way to provide shelter for your deck, you might be thinking about installing an awning. As you have been shopping around, however, you might have found that you have to choose between a retractable awning and a fixed awning. Both can have their benefits, but you might find that a retractable awning is your best choice. These are a few reasons why.

1. Protect Your Awning from the Elements

One good thing about retractable awnings is the fact that you can retract your awning when bad weather is approaching. This can help keep your awning secure and safe, which can protect it from the elements. For example, an awning can become damaged from periods of heavy wind, such as if there is a hurricane or if a storm brings strong winds with it. It can also help prevent your awning from becoming piled up with snow during the winter, which could put a lot of weight and pressure on it and could cause it to tear or otherwise become damaged.

2. Get an Authentic Look

In the past, awnings were generally retractable, unlike many of the fixed options today. If you have a historic home, or if you otherwise would like to have a more authentic, old-fashioned look, then you might love the look of a retractable awning. Plus, since retractable awnings come in many different styles, you should not have a hard time finding one that will look great on your historic home.

3. Enjoy the Sunlight

In some cases, you might like being able to use your awning to protect yourself and your family, such as by providing shade from the sun and making it possible for you to spend time outside when it’s raining outside. However, in other cases, you might want to be able to enjoy the sunlight. With a fixed awning, you do not have the choice. If you have a retractable awning, however, you can decide whether or not you want the protection each time that you go outside, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Some people prefer to install fixed awnings on their homes, but you should know that this is not your only option. Instead, consider the benefits of a retractable awning. These are just a few reasons why you might prefer this type of awning for your home. If you talk to a professional about the matter, you can learn even more.

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How To Replace Standard Wall Outlets With A USB Outlet

USB connections are used for a number of things – tablets, cell phones and other tech devices. Most come with a plug that you can then plug into an outlet, but rather than take up room on all of your outlets, it’s much nicer to just plug into a USB port. If you don’t have them around your home already, outlets with USB ports in them are a great upgrade to make to your home and replacing a standard outlet with one isn’t too difficult to do. See below for instructions on how to make this upgrade.

Tools For The Job:

  • New USB receptacle
  • New receptacle cover
  • Screwdrivers (flat and Phillips)
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Cordless drill


  1. Turning off the power is always the first step in any electrical upgrade you do. Plug in a small appliance or light and then turn off the power to that receptacle. Once the light or appliance turns off, you can move on to step two. If you want to double check there isn’t any power going to that receptacle, you can use a voltage meter to test it.
  2. Next, take off the old cover using the flat head screwdriver.
  3. Then remove the old receptacle using a power drill (or the Phillips screwdriver).
  4. Pull out the old receptacle away from the wall gently, as there will be wires attached.
  5. Using a screwdriver, begin taking off the old wires. They may be pushed in or wrapped around screws at the back, depending on the receptacle. The wires are different colors, which indicate either hot (black), neutral (white) or ground (copper).
  6. Connect the new receptacle by attaching the wires. The ground wire goes to the green screw. Using the needle nose pliers, make a hook on the end and wrap it around the green screw. Tighten the screw to hold the wire tightly. The white wires go around the white screw, and the black wires will go to the black screw. If your new receptacle isn’t labeled like this, be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions that came with your receptacle.
  7. Once your wires are all connected, you can gently push the wires back into the wall and press the receptacle back in place. Attach the screws that came with the new receptacle. Then screw on the new receptacle cover.
  8. Turn the power back on and test it out by plugging in a USB device to see if it works. Then test the plugs – you can test it with the voltage meter first if you prefer.

Replacing standard receptacles with USB receptacles is a cheap and great upgrade to make. It will make things a little easier when needing to charge devices around your home, rather than needing to unplug something to plug in a charger every time your device dies.

For more information, see companies like All American Air & Electric, Inc.  

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Tips To Prevent Suckers From Removed Trees

Not all trees go quietly when you have them taken down. Some varieties, like locust and elm, are very good at surviving. They do this by sending up suckers, or small saplings, from the remaining roots. If left alone, these suckers will grow into new trees. You may not even know that a tree has the ability to do this until long after it has been cut down since it is stress that usually forces the roots to begin suckering. The following tips can help you manage this problem.

Tip #1: Treat the stump

If the tree is freshly cut down, an herbicide application directly to the stump may kill all outlying roots and the suckers they produce. There are paint-on products that you apply to a fresh stump. The herbicide is then absorbed by the stump and sent to the roots. These products only work on fresh stumps that are still absorbing liquid into their vascular system. For older stumps, you must use a product that is poured into the stump via drilled holes. Regardless of the type you use, within a few weeks the stump will become spongy, which allows you to easily chop it out.

Tip #2: Grind it out

Grinding works best to remove stumps overall, but it only stops suckers on shallow-rooted trees. This is because a deep taproot and stump can survive the grinding process, which only removes the stump to a few inches beneath the soil surface. Schedule the grinding for right after the tree removal to have the best chance at killing out all the roots. Your tree service should grind down as deep as their machinery allows to improve the chances of preventing root survival.

Tip #3: Remove promptly

The next best option if herbicides and grinding haven’t solved the problem is to stay on top of sucker removal. Most suckers can easily be mowed down if you do so when they are still young and tender, before the stems become woody. Woody-stemmed suckers require a sharp knife or shears for removal. Insert the tip of the knife into the soil and cut through the stem as closely to the root as possible to keep it from growing back. You will have to look for suckers and take them down weekly during the summer growing season so they don’t have a chance to establish in your yard.

For more help with tree removal issues, talk with a tree service contractor in your area.

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Video Sewer Inspection

Video sewer inspections, specifically residential video sewer inspections, are not something homeowners do every day. In fact, most people might just guess what this procedure is when asked what they think it is. There are reasons for having a video sewer inspection done, and since these reasons do not apply to everyone, it is only natural that you would not know much about this procedure. Here is a little more information on what this procedure is, why you should have one done on your home’s sewer lines, and what you can expect the cost to be.

The Procedure

Essentially, a plumber runs a snake-like video camera down the toilet stacks and sewer drains of a house. This may be a house you already own, or one you are interested in buying. The camera relays real-time video back to a screen inside a carrying case, where the plumber can see everything inside the sewer pipes. It helps him or her spot problem areas in the sewer lines that may cost you several thousand dollars to repair now or some time in the near future. It can also reveal pipe lines that are so old they need to be replaced because sewer line failure is imminent.

Why Have It Done

If you are buying a house, and the house is very old, you may want to have a sewer inspection performed before you buy the house. The sewer inspection is rarely included in a pre-purchase home inspection unless there is some concern that the sewer pipes are too old to function properly. You may also have a sewer inspection done if the house you own has been in your possession for more than two decades and you have never had a sewer inspection or plumbing repair done. In both cases, the camera will reveal any and all problems or concerns with the pipes and their connections to the city sewer lines.

What You Can Expect It to Cost

Usually, a video sewer inspection costs anywhere from $100 to $800, depending on the plumber and the city and state in which you request the service. Sometimes the price for this service is higher because it is included in a package of services for plumbing and pipe inspection and maintenance. At any rate, you should be prepared to budget around $300 just for the services, and an additional one to two hundred dollars in the event that there are some minor plumbing repairs needed or the plumber charges an hourly rate on top of the service cost.

For more information, talk to a professional like Rapid Rooter Inc.

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The Many Different Ways You Can Turn a Normal Chain Link Fence into a Privacy Fence

If you want to have more privacy for your home, there are many things that you may be considering. Fences can add security and privacy that you want. Privacy fences are often made out of solid materials like wood or vinyl fencing panels, which can be costly. You may want to have an affordable chain link fence with added privacy. Things like lattice work or simple windscreens can give your fence the privacy it needs. Here are some of the many ways you can add privacy to a chain link fence and keep costs down:

Using Latticework to Give Your Chain Link More Privacy

Using latticework to give your chain link fence more privacy is a solution that can give you many options. Today, when you have your chain link fencing installed, there are materials that already have the latticework built inside of it. There are also options like using lattice to make trellises in areas where privacy is most important, which can be a good option if you’re on a budget.  

Fence Covering to Give Your Fence a Unique Look and More Privacy

If you want to have a unique custom design for your fence, you may want to consider different options for covering it. There are rolls of materials like reed that you can get for this. Recycled materials can also be a good solution. You may want to consider using materials like old tin roofing, reclaimed lumber, and other waste materials that have an appealing look.

Green Screens That Can Grow up the Fence and Add Privacy

You may also want to have more of a natural look for the cover you add to your fence. For a green privacy screen solution, consider using plants like vines that can take over the fence and give you the privacy and security you need. You can also do things like add tall shrubs to your landscaping to give you more privacy in areas where it is needed most, such as for a pool area or around your back patio.

Windscreens That Can Add Privacy and Valuable Shade to Your Backyard

There are also many options of windscreens, which are a textile type material. The windscreens are available in different densities and colors. The denser the material is, the less visibility there will be. The colors can be a variety of natural colors like greens and browns. You may want to use a color that matches the design of your landscaping.

With all these different options, there is no reason for your chain link fence to not have the privacy you desire. If you are ready to install a chain link fence or need help with some of these features, contact a fencing company like Phoenix Fence, Co. to help with your project. 

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3 Reasons To Buy A Traditional Water Heater Vs. A Tankless Model

If you are in the market for a water heater, you have probably been doing at least a little bit of research. In the process, you might have heard about tankless water heaters, which are very popular nowadays. It’s true that these water heaters have lots of benefits, such as the fact that they conserve energy and that they never “run out” of hot water. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the right choice for every family and every household. These are a few signs that you may want to buy a traditional water heater instead.

1. You’re On a Tight Budget

If you don’t have much money to spend, you might be looking for ways to buy a good water heater without going over your budget. The truth is that tankless water heaters are generally more expensive than traditional models, and they sometimes require pricey electric system upgrades in the home, too. If you shop around, you should be able to find a much lower price on a traditional water heater, which can be a big relief if you’re worried about money.

2. You Have a Small Family

The energy savings can really add up when you install a tankless water heater in a home with a big family, since bigger families generally tend to use more water. However, if you are a single person or if there are only a couple of people living in your home, you might not notice as much in cost savings. Plus, if you live by yourself or with only one or two other people, you might not have to worry about things like running out of hot water like a larger family might experience. This means that you might not even notice the benefits of a tankless water heater when compared to a more traditional model.

3. You Don’t Want to Worry About Maintenance

Tankless water heaters require certain types of maintenance that you don’t have to worry about with modern, traditional water heaters. If you don’t want to have to fuss with maintenance — or if you aren’t looking forward to having to hire a professional to come in and perform maintenance on your water heater — then you may want to opt for a more traditional model.

As you can see, a tankless water heater isn’t always the best choice. If you are unsure of which water heater to buy for your home, consider talking to a professional to get some insight that is specific to your situation.

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