Video Sewer Inspection

Video sewer inspections, specifically residential video sewer inspections, are not something homeowners do every day. In fact, most people might just guess what this procedure is when asked what they think it is. There are reasons for having a video sewer inspection done, and since these reasons do not apply to everyone, it is only natural that you would not know much about this procedure. Here is a little more information on what this procedure is, why you should have one done on your home’s sewer lines, and what you can expect the cost to be.

The Procedure

Essentially, a plumber runs a snake-like video camera down the toilet stacks and sewer drains of a house. This may be a house you already own, or one you are interested in buying. The camera relays real-time video back to a screen inside a carrying case, where the plumber can see everything inside the sewer pipes. It helps him or her spot problem areas in the sewer lines that may cost you several thousand dollars to repair now or some time in the near future. It can also reveal pipe lines that are so old they need to be replaced because sewer line failure is imminent.

Why Have It Done

If you are buying a house, and the house is very old, you may want to have a sewer inspection performed before you buy the house. The sewer inspection is rarely included in a pre-purchase home inspection unless there is some concern that the sewer pipes are too old to function properly. You may also have a sewer inspection done if the house you own has been in your possession for more than two decades and you have never had a sewer inspection or plumbing repair done. In both cases, the camera will reveal any and all problems or concerns with the pipes and their connections to the city sewer lines.

What You Can Expect It to Cost

Usually, a video sewer inspection costs anywhere from $100 to $800, depending on the plumber and the city and state in which you request the service. Sometimes the price for this service is higher because it is included in a package of services for plumbing and pipe inspection and maintenance. At any rate, you should be prepared to budget around $300 just for the services, and an additional one to two hundred dollars in the event that there are some minor plumbing repairs needed or the plumber charges an hourly rate on top of the service cost.

For more information, talk to a professional like Rapid Rooter Inc.

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The Many Different Ways You Can Turn a Normal Chain Link Fence into a Privacy Fence

If you want to have more privacy for your home, there are many things that you may be considering. Fences can add security and privacy that you want. Privacy fences are often made out of solid materials like wood or vinyl fencing panels, which can be costly. You may want to have an affordable chain link fence with added privacy. Things like lattice work or simple windscreens can give your fence the privacy it needs. Here are some of the many ways you can add privacy to a chain link fence and keep costs down:

Using Latticework to Give Your Chain Link More Privacy

Using latticework to give your chain link fence more privacy is a solution that can give you many options. Today, when you have your chain link fencing installed, there are materials that already have the latticework built inside of it. There are also options like using lattice to make trellises in areas where privacy is most important, which can be a good option if you’re on a budget.  

Fence Covering to Give Your Fence a Unique Look and More Privacy

If you want to have a unique custom design for your fence, you may want to consider different options for covering it. There are rolls of materials like reed that you can get for this. Recycled materials can also be a good solution. You may want to consider using materials like old tin roofing, reclaimed lumber, and other waste materials that have an appealing look.

Green Screens That Can Grow up the Fence and Add Privacy

You may also want to have more of a natural look for the cover you add to your fence. For a green privacy screen solution, consider using plants like vines that can take over the fence and give you the privacy and security you need. You can also do things like add tall shrubs to your landscaping to give you more privacy in areas where it is needed most, such as for a pool area or around your back patio.

Windscreens That Can Add Privacy and Valuable Shade to Your Backyard

There are also many options of windscreens, which are a textile type material. The windscreens are available in different densities and colors. The denser the material is, the less visibility there will be. The colors can be a variety of natural colors like greens and browns. You may want to use a color that matches the design of your landscaping.

With all these different options, there is no reason for your chain link fence to not have the privacy you desire. If you are ready to install a chain link fence or need help with some of these features, contact a fencing company like Phoenix Fence, Co. to help with your project. 

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3 Reasons To Buy A Traditional Water Heater Vs. A Tankless Model

If you are in the market for a water heater, you have probably been doing at least a little bit of research. In the process, you might have heard about tankless water heaters, which are very popular nowadays. It’s true that these water heaters have lots of benefits, such as the fact that they conserve energy and that they never “run out” of hot water. However, this doesn’t mean that they are the right choice for every family and every household. These are a few signs that you may want to buy a traditional water heater instead.

1. You’re On a Tight Budget

If you don’t have much money to spend, you might be looking for ways to buy a good water heater without going over your budget. The truth is that tankless water heaters are generally more expensive than traditional models, and they sometimes require pricey electric system upgrades in the home, too. If you shop around, you should be able to find a much lower price on a traditional water heater, which can be a big relief if you’re worried about money.

2. You Have a Small Family

The energy savings can really add up when you install a tankless water heater in a home with a big family, since bigger families generally tend to use more water. However, if you are a single person or if there are only a couple of people living in your home, you might not notice as much in cost savings. Plus, if you live by yourself or with only one or two other people, you might not have to worry about things like running out of hot water like a larger family might experience. This means that you might not even notice the benefits of a tankless water heater when compared to a more traditional model.

3. You Don’t Want to Worry About Maintenance

Tankless water heaters require certain types of maintenance that you don’t have to worry about with modern, traditional water heaters. If you don’t want to have to fuss with maintenance — or if you aren’t looking forward to having to hire a professional to come in and perform maintenance on your water heater — then you may want to opt for a more traditional model.

As you can see, a tankless water heater isn’t always the best choice. If you are unsure of which water heater to buy for your home, consider talking to a professional to get some insight that is specific to your situation.

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Three Types Of Home Lights, And Who Should Install Them

Upgrading existing light fixtures throughout your home or adding new lights is something that can make your home more user-friendly, as well as potentially increase its value if you’re thinking about listing it for sale. With each lighting project that you consider, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll move forward and do the work on your own or hire an electrical contractor instead. If you have some experience with basic wiring jobs, you’ll be able to successfully complete some lighting jobs — which others are certainly best left to the professional. Here are some types of home lights and who should install them.

Wall Sconce

With some wiring experience, the average homeowner can typically install a standard wall sconce by himself or herself. This task tends to not be overly challenging, given that it’s simply a matter of removing the existing sconce and connecting the wires and matching up the mounting hardware of the new sconce. Provided that the new light fixture is similar enough in terms of the mounting bracket to the old one, you shouldn’t have trouble getting the job done to your satisfaction. This job is even easier if you have an assistant, as he or she can hold the light while you connect the wiring and prepare the mounting bracket.

Pot Lights

Pot lights are definitely a job that you don’t want to think about doing yourself. The challenge with pot lights is that there’s no existing structure, which means that you can’t simply change the fixture. Instead, they need to be physically cut into a bulkhead on the ceiling, while wiring will need to be run from the nearest electrical box to the lights themselves. This is all compounded by the fact that the work is overhead, which can be challenging; it’s best to leave this job to your electrical contractor.

Chandelier-Style Light

A chandelier-style light isn’t overly difficult to connect; it typically shares similar connection steps to installing a wall sconce. However, the placement of this light can prove challenging, making it better for your trained electrician. Installing a chandelier often involves standing on a ladder. The issue is that it’s ideal to have a helper hold the weight of the light while you connect the wiring — and you can’t fit two people on a ladder. Electricians (like those at Chadwick Electric Inc) do work of this nature so frequently that they’ll be able to get the job done in a fraction of the time that it would take you.

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3 Tips On Getting An Industrial Paint Job

When you are looking to paint the exterior of your building, you will need to understand some quality industrial painting tips that will let you receive the best end result. Whether you are looking to remodel your office building or want to paint a new construction, the tips below will assist you. Follow these tips and begin reaching out to an industrial painting professional for a consultation on your next project. 

Tip #1: Prepare The Building Thoroughly Before Going In To Paint

Prior to having a professional apply a coat of paint to your building, make sure that it is thoroughly prepared. You can work on the exterior of the building in preparation for paint work by filling cracks and holes with putty. You can also apply some sandpaper to the surface to smooth it out in addition to renting a power washer to get rid of any long-standing dirt, grime and debris. A quality power washing will also get deep into the crevices of the building and prevent the accumulation of mold and mildew.

Tip #2: Select The Best Colors For The Job

The color and style of paint is the most important decision you will have to tackle when moving forward with your project. You can receive guidance in this decision by touching base with a professional paint contractor who will let you browse various colors and paint styles. During this phase, you must also take total measurements of the exterior area you are painting. This way, you will know exactly how much paint must be purchased, which factors into materials costs. Further, be sure that you set aside enough money to spring for the absolute best quality paint brand that you can afford. Purchasing the highest quality paint will make the paint job last longer and protect the value of your property.

Tip #3: Reach Out To A Professional For Estimates And Service

Be sure that you touch base with a licensed and insured industrial paint contractor who will give you both great service and affordable prices. You can usually expect to pay in the range of $4000 to $6000 when having a professional paint 2000 ft.² of your building. Always get estimates on any paint project in writing so that you can be more knowledgeable as you search for services from a variety of painting professionals.

Let these three tips guide you as you seek the service of an industrial paint contractor for your next project.

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FAQ About Electrical Problems In A House

Are you wondering why circuit breakers trip each time an electrical appliance is used? There are numerous things that can cause circuit breakers to trip, but you can get a general idea of what the problem is before calling an electrician for repairs. This article has a few of the common questions that might come to your mind before investing in electrical repairs.

What Causes the Lights to Flicker in Every Room?

When there is a problem with flickering, it can be due to faulty bulbs or light fixtures. However, widespread flickering in each room of your hour might point to a more serious problem. You might be dealing with bad wiring all over your house, which must be replaced before a fire sparks up. The circuit breakers trip to prevent a fire.

Why Do Sparks Come Out of Electrical Outlets?

You should not see sparks coming out of outlets when plugging up electronics, and circuit breakers might trip if you do. The sparks are a sign that your electronics are too powerful for the amount of volts that the outlets can provide. You might need to get an electrical panel upgrade to increase the amount of amps. Stop using electrical outlets that release sparks until a repair is made. You don’t want to end up with damaged electronics, or possibly getting electrocuted while plugging them up.

What is the Popping Sound Coming from Light Fixtures?

Popping sounds from light fixtures are often the result of bad wiring, but the fixtures can also be faulty. If only one of the light fixtures in your house makes the popping sounds, the electrical problem is likely restricted to that specific room. You will either need to replace the bulbs or the fixture, or get new wiring installed to stop the circuit breakers from tripping.

Why is There a Burning Smell in One of the Rooms?

A burning smell is a serious problem that usually points to wires overheating, which can also cause circuit breakers to trip. The wires might be overheating inside of the walls, ceiling, or in electronics that are plugged up into outlets. It is in your best interest to turn off the circuit breakers to the room where the burning smell is located until an electrician can diagnose and fix the problem.

How Much Do Electricians Usually Charge?

Electricians charge based on the type of repair being done and how complex the task is. You might be charged a flat fee or hourly rate depending on who is hired. You should expect to pay at least $30 and up if you are charged by the hour. Talk to an electrician as soon as you can.

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Learn How Landscapers Can Create A Beautiful Waterfall In Your Yard

If you want to create a beautiful outdoor oasis you can relax in after a hard day at work, consider hiring a landscape company, such as El Gallo Trucking, to create a wonderful waterfall for you. There are many people who do not realize how easy it is for a company to create a waterfall. The guide below walks you through the steps that the company will take to create you the one-of-a-kind waterfall you want in your yard.

Create a Pool for the Waterfall

The first thing that the company will do is they will create a pool for the base of the waterfall. The water that will be collected at the base of the fall will be the same water that is circulated through piping back up the waterfall to ensure that water is always flowing from it. The pool will have a barrier in it to keep the water from absorbing into the ground. Piping will be put in place to lead water from the pool to the back of the waterfall.

Have Landscaping Rocks Delivered

Next, the company will purchase large landscaping rocks to use for the waterfalls. The rocks have to be able to fit together perfectly to create the look that you want and hide the piping that will go through the waterfall to feed the water out. The landscaping company will take the time to measure each individual rock to ensure that it will all fit together properly when they are done.

Create the Base

The base of the waterfall will need to be created first. The landscapers will use heavy machinery to move the rocks around. They will use the flattest rocks as the base to ensure that they are as stable as they can possibly be.

Add More Rocks

Next, the landscapers will add a layer of mortar to the top of the base they created. Another set of rocks will be put into place on top of the rocks. At this point, pipes that will extend to the back of the waterfall between the rocks will start to be put in place. The pipes will be short enough that they will not be able to be seen between the rocks.

Finish the Waterfall

Finally, more mortar will be added to the second layer of rocks and the third layer will be added. More piping will be placed through the rocks and on top of them. The landscaping company will more than likely add one large flat rock to the very top of the waterfall to make sure that all of the pipes are fully covered before they finish the waterfall.

Once everything is said and done, the waterfall will be hooked up to a motor that will push water up through the pipes and out through the waterfall. It will create a beautiful, relaxing oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.

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