Four Choices Of Flooring For A Different Look When You Remodel Your Home

Are you planning to remodel your home? There are many choices that you will have to make, which can include the flooring that you choose to use in your home. You may want to replace the flooring throughout your home, for which there are materials that work better in some areas than others. You may want to have something like tile in a kitchen or bathroom, while the hardwood is good in the living room and bedrooms may have carpet. Here are four flooring materials you will want to consider when you remodel your home:

1. Carpet For Warm Floors In Bedrooms

If you are one of those people that does not like to get up to cold floors in the morning, carpet will be the best choice for bedrooms in your home. There are many different choices for styles of carpet that you can have installed in your home, which you may want to have a denser stain resistant carpet if you have animals or children.

2. Tile Alternatives For The Kitchen

Many people choose to use tile in the kitchen of their home because of its resistance to stains. There are also alternatives that you may want, such as epoxy flooring or concrete staining. You can have lightweight concrete installed with a stain, and have a very durable flooring with a custom look to it. Epoxy floors can also be custom installed in a variety of colors to simulate tile, but will be much more durable and last forever. These tile alternatives will not have the problems of staining and cracking in your kitchen.

3. Wood Flooring With A Different Look In The Living Room

You may not want to use wood flooring in areas like a kitchen or bathroom, but it looks great in living areas. If you want to have a wood flooring that looks different, you may want to consider an engineered wood product with tropical wood patterns. There are also materials like bamboo, which are green, durable and very comfortable to walk on.

4. Deciding On The Best Flooring For Bathrooms

The bathroom in your home is an area where you need to have a very resistant flooring. You may want to choose a custom tile for the master bathroom in your home. Epoxy flooring will also work well in these areas, and it is very affordable. In half bathrooms, and bathrooms you do not use as much, you can use other materials like hardwood. If you want to use wood in bathrooms, you can add a clear coat of epoxy to protect the wood from water and make it a little more durable.

These are some of the choices you have for materials when you are remodeling your home. To finish your remodeling project, contact a flooring contractor like Stafford’s Discount Carpets to get the flooring you need installed in your home.

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